Heavy Shirt:

  • 10.5 oz. Loomsate 2×1 weave indigo denim by Cone, White Oak Mills, USA

  • HIGH SHRINKAGE (please read size chart below)

  • Die Formed, nickel-plated brass buttons from Button Works, Japan

  • Color matched 100% Pima cotton threads

  • Freehand lockstitch embroidered size and care labels

  • Brand label art and printing by Roy on Natural selvage chambray by Hokkoh, Japan

  • Wider body cut to accommodate sweatshirt mid layer

  • Hemstitched button placket

  • Two-thread, lock stitched button holes sewn before and after cut

  • Two-thread, lock stitched button attach stitching (extra durable)

  • Durable locker-loop

  • Test wearers report receiving many unsolicited compliments

  • Designed, Patterned, and Sewn entirely by Roy himself in the ROY studio, which is a unique, anachronistic operation where everything is done in a unique, anachronistic way.

  • Its a nice shirt


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