We have the technology, we can rebuild him.

There is an issue with the buttons on my latest jeans (RS-5). They are defective and need to be removed and

replaced with a different kind of button. I have the tools to do this without harming the jeans in anyway. My

first task on my to-do list is getting in touch with every person that bought a pair of these jeans and arranging

the safe transport of these jeans to me and back to you. I have set up a separate email address to accommodate

this. I get  a lot of email that could be distracting to a quick and efficient addressing of the button matter, so

please, if you have purchased the jeans, please email me now at I will

answer any questions and give you all the information you would like. If you have already emailed me

at my regular address, I will be writing back to ask that you start by emailing roysbuttonbuddies. If you

have not purchased the RS-5 jeans and have questions, please email me at my regular address. Please only email

 to if you have purchased the RS-5. No other jeans have any issue.

Rest assured that I will fix your jeans and they will be 100%

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